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Tyre (Tire) Wear

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My 718 S was in the OPC Workshop for a software update. As part of the service the did a winter safety report, including tread depth.
The front tyres were both about 6.5 mm, the rears 5.7 mm.
They were new 2400 miles ago..I was old by the dealer.
New tyres here are 10.0mm... so the rear tyres have lost 4mm which is 2mm per 1000 miles.
That means that when the tyres get down to 2.0mm, the lowest point I'll live with, it will be 6000 miles.

Is it the P Zero tyres, or am I just a lead footed hooligan???
Or were the tyres really new?

I'll be watching this, carefully.
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Errm.. sponsored by Continental
comments and music all set for project fear. The guy driving on the 1.6mm would've
been fired if he got it to stop shorter than the white car :)

I always change for new tyres when they start to look a bit worn, probably around 2.5mm, its
amazing, every time I ask my tyre man how much life I have left on them he always says 'they're on the way out
we'll order some new ones' It's like perfect timing every time.
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An independent Tire Rack video, for the doubters:

I'm not a doubter, but how is that an independent video?
its made by a tyre selling company. :D
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