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Update on fuel leak/vapor smell

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So I bought my 2017 Cayman 718 S about 3 weeks ago with 14,000 miles. I noticed a fuel smell soon after getting it home, especially strong coming from the passenger air intake. I immediately brought it to the dealer, where it's been for over 3 weeks. It turns out there was a fuel leak, but very hard to find, on the top of the engine in the middle. Very hard to locate the source. It was a fuel line component, and not a part that was available here in the States so the part was ordered from Germany. It was suggested by the service rep that the part was unusual enough that they actually had to make a new one, thus the long delay. It's finally on it's way, and I'll hopefully have my car in another 2 weeks. The engine needs to be dropped. So 2 days with the car, 6+ weeks w/o it. I'm glad the car is being stored inside on a lift (it's the red one in the pics). Also, have any of you folks had issues with the front headlamps having dust and small cracks (areas near the outer edges) appearing? I was told the headlamps have vents and they can suck in dust. This does not explain the small cracks.



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I always marvel at the cleanliness of repair stations like that. I've never seen the shop at my dealer but if it is anything like the rest of the building it should look like yours.

I noticed a gas smell near my Cayman when I got out at the gym today but couldn't tell if it was from my car. THere was a very slight breeze from some indeterminate direction. I noticed it still when I came out of the gym but it didn't seem to come from my car. I drove the two miles home, parked the car, walked all around it, checked it again five minutes later, could detect no gas. But I looked up this thread again anyway. Unless I have reason to suspect otherwise I will assume for now that it came from another vehicle.
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