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Upgrade Wireless CarPlay for My 718

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I was a little bit annoyed that I had to have my phone plugged in to get my CarPlay to work in my car. I got a refer from my friend with a smart dongle. I purchased carlinkit 4.0 that converts the CarPlay connection into wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.
Ever since getting this I’ve had absolutely few problems, sound quality is good and haven't seen any audio/video lag. It has truly improved my entire car audio experience. Works great, and is a decent price for what it brings, less than $85.
Once you set up the dongle, get into your car and turn on the car, and without connecting your phone to the car by cable, you’ll have CarPlay pop up. Plug and play, takes about 30 seconds to boot up and is actually pretty quick. Exactly like wired carplay! I can't believe how easy it was to set up!
I am so excited and would like to sharing this. I LOVE HAVING WIRELESS CARPLAY! I will keep updating here!
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It works well with my car so far. I am happy with my purchase. Highly recommended!
Just added this over the weekend and thus far working as advertised. Too soon to report any hiccups.
i have the 3.0 Carlin and it works very well. Audio is great and no lag. Very occasionally on long trips, it gets hot and even has to be reset (unplugged and plugged in). It's rare, but it happens. still 100% worth it and way better than hardwired. I also added a wireless charging pad in the armrest and it plugs into carlin. That's probably why it gets hot. now thinking out loud.
Adding a charging pad has been a serious consideration since I installed a Carlinkit 4.0 for wireless carplay. The Carlinkit takes 20 to 30 seconds to begin working, but works as intended with no issues. The device tucks neatly into the recessed area at the back of the Smartphone Compartment (see picture), which is great, but heat buildup is a concern.

Drives since installation have been short (≤ 20 minutes), so I have yet to determine whether that particular placement will trap enough heat to cause the device to shut down. Based on your experience, adding a charge pad to the Carlinkit device can only increase heat buildup. In addition, I wonder how installing a charge pad in the Smartphone Compartment will impact its signal boost capability.

@castlesteve, approximately how much time elapses before your Carlinkit shuts down? Thanks!
My only gripe is it always commandeers my phone when I'm detailing the car in the garage. It always snags my phone 10-15 seconds after I open a door, even when I'm already bluetoothed to our golf cart's Bose SLIII speaker. I've tried everything, except deleting the source (our BGTS) from my phone. Nothing prevents this and it totally aggrivates the stink out of me. Otherwise, it has always worked perfectly.
Carlinkit only provides technical service support for customers who purchase products directly on their website. If you place an order on Amazon, you can only ask Amazon for help. So that's why I finally decided to purchase on the website to get guaranteed service.
Ditto....although, I have yet to experience any issues after 1.5 months of use.
I'm trying a new wireless CarPlay device later today. The CarLinkit IV I bought a few weeks ago would connect but the screen was frozen. I had to delete it. I'll give it a review once I have it installed and paired.
Our CarLinkit IV was an easy install, paired quickly, and has been effectively issue free.
I was quite surprised that it gave me issues. Could have been a bad unit though. I deleted it and paired it several times but I would have the same issue each time. I would start the car, the device and my phone would pair, the map would come up on the screen, but none of the functions would work. If I tried to select a different app from the icons on the left none of them would recognize my finger touch on the screen.
Yes, sounds like it was defective. Hope your new one works as advertised.
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