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Upgrade Wireless CarPlay for My 718

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I was a little bit annoyed that I had to have my phone plugged in to get my CarPlay to work in my car. I got a refer from my friend with a smart dongle. I purchased carlinkit 4.0 that converts the CarPlay connection into wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.
Ever since getting this I’ve had absolutely few problems, sound quality is good and haven't seen any audio/video lag. It has truly improved my entire car audio experience. Works great, and is a decent price for what it brings, less than $85.
Once you set up the dongle, get into your car and turn on the car, and without connecting your phone to the car by cable, you’ll have CarPlay pop up. Plug and play, takes about 30 seconds to boot up and is actually pretty quick. Exactly like wired carplay! I can't believe how easy it was to set up!
I am so excited and would like to sharing this. I LOVE HAVING WIRELESS CARPLAY! I will keep updating here!
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I got this OTTOCAST from amazon:

Works great for my use case. Which is mostly Waze navigation. My music is on a flash drive in the glove compartment so I have no opinion on that. Carplay so far connects and works reliably within 15 seconds or less.
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