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Upgrading the Bose System in my BGTS 4.0 in UK

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I was not at all satisfied with the Bose solution in my BGTS 4.0 and decided to completely upgrade it. My budget was £3k and it had to be completely compatible with the existing Porsche interface, be fully reversible and have an OEM feel to it. The car went to Audiofile Incar in Bishops Stortford. They had previously done a great job on my Ferrari 458 Spider. They replaced the Bose amp and speakers with an Audison Prima amp, Zen optical interface and Audison speakers. They added a huge amount of sound deadening to the doors.
Wow, what a transformation in depth and quality. They even managed to rebadge the speaker grills. A great little detail.
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Yes, my pug Clemmie is sometimes along for the ride but she has a special bed so she doesn’t damage the leather. The hair is a different story😀. Contant vacuuming!
I’ve owned 2 458s, one Spider and one hard top.
They are beautiful cars…but attracted constant attention and that makes me uncomfortable. I like normally aspirated cars and the 718 GTS 4.0 just hit the sweet spot when I test drove it. It is simply a brilliantly fun car to drive, small enough for UK country roads, not so precious that I worry about the mileage (currently 10k a year) as I take to France and Germany regularly. The 4 litre flat six just feels like an old school car with modern technology. I don’t miss my Ferraris for one second. I’m not interested at all in an electric 718, so this is it until I can drive no more. View attachment 54002
That car is gorgeous.
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