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US MY'20 Allocations and Configurator

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I have it on good authority (translation: a complete SWAG) that US 2020 allocations for Base/S/T models will be in April 2020. No changes to the turbo 4 engines for these models. Probably more Alcantara options. Again, just a SWAG, so that's my source.

As I've stated in another thread, I'm number 3 in line in Salt Lake for a 2020 Base/S/T allocation. The GTS is a separate allocation. There are over 150 in line here for a Taycan allocation, as of October 2019. Wow - that's quite a few, for a first year, new model, all electric. I'll stick with Porsche's best (718) thank you very much.

Check out these colors from the German Configurator. The second pic is not GT Silver. These may be nothing new and I don't know if these are 2019 or 2020. Just hoping for some new color USA choices for 2020.


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If you look on the UK or German configuration you'll see that the new colors are the two shown above, Dolomite Silver Metallic and Aventurine Green Metallic, plus a very nice if you're into blues Gentian Blue metallic. The Dolomite does look like it's heading in the direction of Rhodium Silver relative to GT Silver.
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