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USB port in the glove box

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hi guys! today I wanted to copy some songs from a USB stick to the Jukebox of my car. So I format the usb to exFat and copy the songs. The car can not read the USB stick when is connected to the port in the glove box. I have options on the menu as USB 1.1 and USB 1.2 but either I choose nor reading is achieved.

Then I format the USB stick to FAT32 format, same luck nothing can be read.

can you advise which format I need to use? tried with MacBook and also with a pc.
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If you have a USB port under the armrest, then the glove box USB is just a charge port, no data.
Yeeaahh, I think this isn't quite correct. I used my glovebox USB port to load up the jukebox and I have the armrest port.

I really wish it had the audio aux input in the glovebox but it doesn't.
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To the OP, not sure what file format you are using, but if I recall correctly the PCM converts all files transferred to the Jukebox to mp3 (I think @Viffermike can confirm this?). So if you prefer playback of full resolution audio files you might be better off keeping the files on the USB stick.
Either Mike or DIH said it not only converted everything to mp3 but also to a certain bitrate. When I loaded up my jukebox from the USB slot it took a long time. That's probably why. Now I'm just playing stuff directly off an SD card. The jukebox is still there with a different collection of music.
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