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USB port in the glove box

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hi guys! today I wanted to copy some songs from a USB stick to the Jukebox of my car. So I format the usb to exFat and copy the songs. The car can not read the USB stick when is connected to the port in the glove box. I have options on the menu as USB 1.1 and USB 1.2 but either I choose nor reading is achieved.

Then I format the USB stick to FAT32 format, same luck nothing can be read.

can you advise which format I need to use? tried with MacBook and also with a pc.
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Hi All,

I have all my music on an SD card and play from that. Is there any benefit to copying everything to the jukebox?
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Thanks for that... I will just keep going with the SD card then. I was not sure if there was some functionality added by having the media on board.
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