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I’m looking for a used Boxster
2016- 2018
I currently have a 2018 Macan

I’m confused on the certified WARRENTY
Some say 6 years, some say two

Any input on what I should avoid or look for

Don’t really want an S
don’t need anything faster


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Porsche Approved Certified Pre-owned Limited Warranty:
  • 2 Years / Unlimited Mileage Warranty coverage from the expiration of the new vehicle limited warranty or the date of sale if the new vehicle limited warranty has expired**
  • 2 Years / Unlimited Mileage Porsche Roadside Assistance
  • Factory trained technicians perform repairs
  • No deductible
  • Redeemable at every Porsche Dealer
  • Only Genuine Porsche parts are used

I bolded the important bit. Factory warranty is in effect until it's expired (either by time or mileage). At that point, the CPO warranty kicks in for 2 years / unlimited miles.
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