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Waited for 40 years but finally my first Porsche

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Title says it all. Only had it 3 days but loving it it.

Was worried about the 718 as people complained so much that the flat 4 sound was so poor next to the flat 6. I have not heard a flat 6 in real life but I think the flat 4 turbo sounds awesome!

It is one of the first 718 (late 2016) and has done 27K miles. Around £10.5K of options on it.


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Exterior is Sapphire Blue with Black + Crayon or Chalk interior
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I only had the car 3 days and the only complaint I have is the tyre noise (19" wheels with PASM). I have Pirelli P Zeros on the car and I normally prefer Michelin. From what I can find on the internet Michelin PS4 should be a better tyre all round, still be N rated and be quieter.
Only mod that comes to mind is a reversing camera. Plug and play and around £300 on Ebay. The unit also allows input from additional cameras so as it do that, possibility camera in front as well or even two cameras, one each side for checking kerbs for parking? However, cannot see a way of neatly installing side cameras unless small fish eye camera on underside of mirror housing? Just thought of that while writing this so may not be a good idea!
I am not guaranteeing anything about it, it is just what I found on Ebay -

Porsche Boxster Cayman 911 Cayenne Macan 718 - PCM 4.0 Reverse Reversing Camera | eBay
I used to have factory and dealer software for my previous BMWs all found on the internet for free. Does such software exist for the 718? It would be nice to just to be able to interrogate the car if any faults are reported.
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