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Went to my first Porsche cars & coffee this morning...

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Was a great event in Southlake, in south Dallas. Hundreds of Porsche’s on display, just an amazing scene. And for the most part, very friendly owner group. Was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm the Cayman/Boxster platform got. Met up with a gentleman who has been to dozens of these events, and has owned over 30 Porsche cars! Do you guys/girls go to these kinds of events?
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Not yet.

Planned to attend my first C&C on 1/11/2020 in San Antonio.

Dilemma...just learned the Longhorn PCA is conducting a tech session at Porsche San Antonio at the same time.

Which event should I attend (I’ve never been to either one)?
How do you find out about these things? I wouldn't mind going to one, especially in the Hill Country, Austin, even Houston!...:rolleyes:
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Found the following doing an online search:
Stumbled upon my first C&C when exiting COTA for lunch during WRC race weekend. It appeared as if the car gods had dumped all the cars from a Hemmings Motor News onto the parking lot...pretty much anything and everything. An enormous turnout (cars & viewers), but I don't know if this is the norm, since it was a race weekend.

I doubt the C&C in San Antonio is anywhere near as large. Regardless, I will report my findings after dropping by on the way to the Longhorn PCA Tech Session held at Porsche of San Antonio this Saturday between 9-11.

The next COTA C&C is Jan 19, 2020. Weather permitting, I may attend.
Maybe we can meet there. Let's wait until we can get a long term forecast.

In the meantime, can you provide some details as to when and where exactly? We can start a thread to see if any other fellow Texans are interested.
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This may be too soon and the weather too variable to formally plan a 718 Forum meet & greet. Regardless, I plan on attending, provided the weather cooperates, and it would be great to meet attending forum members.
I agree, let's wait and see...
I drove in to TX about this time of the year in 1985... First stop was the Carlsbad Caverns. That night we slept in a motel in Fort Stockton. My wife thought she is going to die. I thought she was going to kill me... :eek:
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As discussed above, some of us will meet for the COTA Cars and Coffee on 1/19 IF the weather forecast is good. I will copy Trremagnet's post #19 with the particulars, just before the weekend 1/11 on its own thread, if the weather prognostication is favorable.

We will run a show of hands on who is likely to join then.
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