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Went to my first Porsche cars & coffee this morning...

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Was a great event in Southlake, in south Dallas. Hundreds of Porsche’s on display, just an amazing scene. And for the most part, very friendly owner group. Was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm the Cayman/Boxster platform got. Met up with a gentleman who has been to dozens of these events, and has owned over 30 Porsche cars! Do you guys/girls go to these kinds of events?
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I have not seen a cars/coffee posted in the Phoenix area but I would go....I do love coffee and chatting with other owners is fun. There are numerous car events but I have not seen a Porsche specific one unless simply a PCA event...I don't think that is the same animal.
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Found a coffee shop that does the Cars/coffee in Scottsdale
The first Sat of the month they do an 'older Porsche' gig and a modern one later....looks nice...about a 90 mile drive but wtf...half the fun on a Saturday
Similar, except I’m an East coaster who totally sucked at ice hockey. 30+ years...and I still look like I’m beating a snake to death with a stick.
Keep your stick on the ice!...That's all we did all winter long....I have the scars to prove it as it was long before helmets and face masks...great fun....hardcore great fun. I got slashed over my left eye and bled all over my Chicago BH's jersey....never washed it,thought it was cool that way.
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