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What they did after servicing my CS...

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I was at the Porsche service site for a 2 years maintenance...
They changed the engine Air filter as one of the items under this service...but when I received the car (after 4 days, they also did two recalls corrections)...look how they delivered the car back to me...plastic cover not in correct position/forced/deformed...:mad:

what do you think?

Then, they told me to bring the car another day for reviewing it!!! Another appointment.



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Sorry to see. I had complaints after my first service and complaining and dinging the dealer on the survey was absolutely fruitless. Due to some health issues, I have only put about 400 miles on my GTS since getting the first service in March. I’m not looking forward to another go around on the two year service. I’ll be lucky if the car has 500 miles total added between the services.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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