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Where is Connect+ Phone Docking Located?

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I'm racing to get my ducks in a row before an allocation freeze on December 5. I'm getting some mixed information about where the phone dock is located with the 718 Connect+; perhaps there is some kind of misunderstanding involved. I was hoping to clear it up here.

The configurator led me to believe that the phone gets docked in the storage area inside the center arm rest. The salesperson contends that depiction is incorrect, and that the phone is connected in the glove box.

Could someone who has Connect+ please tell me which is correct? And, if it is in the center arm rest storage area - how much room does it take up? How much storage space do you lose?

Many thanks,

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Ditto--I have a 2017 Boxster, and I connect my iPhone to CarPlay in the center arm rest. There is also an outlet in the glove box.
Perhaps I misunderstood your question. I just have connect and CarPlay. I connect my phone in the center arm rest and I close my phone in the storage area. I think I read over the Connect + part of your question--sorry for the confusion.:confused: I am not sure if you need something special for Connect +.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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