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Where is the TPMS display?

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I'll admit that I am likely the least tech savy person on this forum. However, I have spent a good bit of time with the onboard display settings, several times through the manual, and attempted to find online tutorials, but I have yet to find how to display tire pressures. I'm sure it is not complicated, in fact, the SA set my car up for "comfort" while I sat in the seat next to him so I know it is there somewhere. However, my logic pathways are not in sync with the onboard software and for the life of me I can't find the option. I did find a sub, sub menu in the Menu Scope that indicated the TPMS is available for view (a check in the box), but that is all. After you are done rolling your eyes, any help would be appreciated.
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If you push the lever up or down it cycles through whichever screens it is set to display.
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