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Which do you recommend Cayman base, S or GTS?

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Hello guys, so i'm thinking of buying the Porsche cayman 718.

I went to dealership and I saw the price differences as well as the options etc...

My question is, is paying for a GTS worth it?

Or am I better off buying the base model and then tuning it?

Because I'd wanna fully bolt on the car regardless of Base or S or GTS.

So I'd like to know if there are any limitations on the car models?

When I bolt on a base model and a GTS model, can I get both to the same Horsepower with the same bolt on?

Or it doesn't work like that? I'm trying to get max performance and not waste as much money.

So if with the same aftermarket mods I can get both cars to the same HP, I might as well buy the base model.

Please let me know if you've any idea because I honestly don't.

And what are your recommendations?

Thank you guys!
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In all fairness there is not a lot between 300bhp to 365bhp... and properly the same difference between 365... and 410.... theses might not be the fastest cars produced , but as a master class in balance and traction, with huge performance I cannot think of anything that will give you the same experience for the price. The only way is to drive them all. Enjoy ?
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