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Which model turbo?

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Does anyone happen to know the model turbo on the 2.0t? I want to get a blanket for it. I can check my self when I have time, but figured I would ask here. I couldn’t find anything searching online.
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Just coincidentally I was browsing the Borg Warner website the other day, and while I found a technical paper on VTG (interesting but a bit over my head) there was nothing on my search for Porsche and 718. I did learn that the company known as Borg Warner includes the German company formerly known as KKK. That made sense.

Andros: are you having heat issues with the turbo, prompting interest in a blanket? Just for tracking?
For Autocross/ tracking. I will probably do an exhaust wrap too at some point. I wonder if the turbo is the same as one from the 991.2? But I want to be sure before I order.
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