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Which window tint?

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Finding objective reviews online is a lesson in futility (duh), so thought I'd ask you good folks what has been used (past and present). Only asking because I haven't tinted a car in 30ish years and the technology has advanced beyond my limited knowledge. Thoughts and recommendations?
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I've got SunTek CXP-35 (ceramic, 35%- the legal limit in Georgia) on side and rear windows on two cars and its been good. I'd go a bit darker if it was allowed. My installer informed me SunTek won't honor warranty claims against against any tint installed above the legal limit. Not sure if that is true for all brands.
@RotorOver: not intending to hijack the thread, but hope you’re liking your S (that I nearly bought). Note our m240i and cayman S in my pic above.
You obviously have excellent taste in cars! Loving the CS. So happy with how capable the car is. Blessed to get to drive and enjoy both.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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