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Why are some options available in some countries and not others!?

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Patiently awaiting an allocation for a CGTS, I have spent A LOT of time in the configurator. How come some options are available in some countries and not others? PCCB is available pretty much everywhere but the US. Frozenberry metallic is a standard color in Germany but PTS in the US. Different headlights in different countries etc.. There's numerous other examples of this. I'm confused, if it's already available for that model why is it not on the configurator? I've tried sending emails to Porsche and even called in. No response in 3 weeks.

Also, is there a place or way to find out which PTS colors have been used and quantities of each color? If I'm ordering a car, you better believe it will be unique!
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different countries have regulations that differ - so it can be lighting, headlight washers, tires, rear wiper setups, speed limit monitors, exhaust sound limitations

in some instances what may be required in a given country may be 'standard equipment', but in markets where its not required and priced as extra cost option instead
I definitely understand the regulations in different countries requiring certain options with safety, lights, wipers etc.. Just found it very odd that PCCB was not an option in the US when it is for every other country and the standard colors being different. Frozen berry metallic was $800 in Germany but would cost you $10k in the US? Seems very odd when all the cars are coming out of the same box!
Frozen Berry Met. was a standard metallic option up through October, then some new colors were added

with the suze of the US market and limited supply of PCCB, they restricted to models that have it as standard where in earlier '22 models it was offered as an option, then pulled
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