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Why is it about the sound

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I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of my GTS, hopefully mid-June. Along with checking off the days on the calendar, to get my "fix" - I've been searching out all the 718 Cayman reviews, YouTube etc. From what I see - there are plenty of rave reviews about the new 718. Best of breed brakes, suspension, chassis, fit and finish....everything other than - The Sound. I'm new to this forum so I am sure this topic may have been beaten to death but looking for some help and reassurance from those driving 718's for a little while - does it really sound as bad as many reviewers have pointed out ? I completely understand a flat 6 NA vs flat 4 Turbo is different, but from the way I looked at it before putting down my deposit, an engine design the yields more HP and Torque than the previous 6 cylinder offering is advanced engineering yes ? Not the same as before but better was my conclusion. However, the byproduct of the improvement is the exhaust note changes - so the conclusion by many it seems is Porsche missed the mark with this new engine design ? Some reviewers have stated - " I would never buy this car based on the fact the sound of the engine is not exciting enough "......WTF ? Are people going to say - oh, new Cayman ? - I hear the motor came from Subaru. ( I own a Subaru Forester XT with the 2.0 Turbo BTW - fantastic winter vehicle )

Once the GTS arrives, and I take it out for the first couple of drives down a two lane road with the windows down, will the exhaust note prompt me to think, did I just spend a $100K ( it's those options ) on a car I need to be looking to replace because it sounds so terrible ?
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