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Winter 718

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Few photos from my drive today. Does "ok" on winter tires.


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I've tried to post this a few times. Maybe it will show up this time. Or maybe not.

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This morning, temperature about 35degF and climbing through the day:

I drove it to work. Our small residential road seemed plowed enough. The highway (rt128) was clear with light traffic. But to my surprise I discovered some of the local roads had been plowed but very poorly. Since I'm still running the Pilot Sport 4 S's the first 15 minutes were, shall we say, interesting.

The rest of the week is supposed to be colder so the Cayman will remain asleep.
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You crasy man!
Of course I am!

Great to see your Porsche is warm and snug in the garage lest all these snow covered 718s will ruin my day.:laugh:
Ah, I'm still waiting for you to show up with your power-wash.:D

I can report that I made to work and back home safely. The roads were in fine shape for the return, and best of all there was much less traffic than usual.

I keep telling myself that I'll put the car in the garage. I actually did put it away for ten days or so, and on cold days I don't drive so as not to stress the tires. But then the weather keeps turning mild with rain to clean up the roads. Then it snows again, then gets warmer again. The rest of this week is supposed to be cold. Today was a fling before a multi-day nap. Next week it will probably go to a brushless carwash not too far from the house.
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