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Winter Track Days

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Looking for some advice on winter track days. We have five winter events in Utah at the Utah Motorsports Campus, starting tomorrow 12/22/18. It's NOT autocross - they are using West side of their full high-speed track. What tires are appropriate for something like this? It will be 23-30 degrees Fahrenheit during the event with 10% chance of precipitation. I currently have a winter wheel and tire set on my vehicle. Seems far too cold for the summer tires, but can winter tires be used on track? I feel like they will wear rather quickly. I'm running Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 N-Spec tires.
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I haven't been lucky enough to be in your position, but here are some thoughts:

What are your summer tires? Some (like the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S) are prohibited from running when the temps are below freezing because the rubber hardens enough to crack. If you have one of those models then you're stuck running your winter tires (or buying a different set of summer tires).

If your summer tires don't have a temperature prohibition, then just monitor your tire pressures as usual and spend extra time getting whatever heat you can into your tires before you start pushing hard--and know that you aren't going to be as fast as when the ambient temps are higher, no matter what.

Michelin's Pilot Sport A/S 3+ might be a better option than the Alpin, though? I'd think the extra siping in the Alpins would promote too much tread block flex and lead to tearing / chunking if you're fast enough.
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