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Wireless CarPlay dongle?

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My Boxster already has the CarPlay option installed. As you may already know, it is a wired system. The phone must be plugged into the USB port for CarPlay to work.
Lately I’ve seen some wireless CarPlay dongles that plug into the USB port and supposedly bring wireless CarPlay support. I guess the phone connects to the dongle through Bluetooth or WiFi and the car must see it as a wired connection.
Everything I read though talks about installing some firmware on the head unit to activate CarPlay but I think this may be if you don’t already have CarPlay installed.

Has anyone tried one of these dongles just to make an existing CarPlay system wireless?
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thank you so much for the post, CraigK. This is awesome info. In terms of the battery drain I am hoping it is the same as with the official wireless carplay function. I guess I am going to order one from Amazon and give it a shot as well. On my wireless carplay vehicle it is draining my battery as well but not quite as bad as 10% for 30 minutes. Siri is a hit or miss for me on my 718 anyways (engine noise?). If it can do 80% of what a true wireless carplay setup does I will be happy.
Other forums have postings on both dongles and the reviews are similar. I can tell you from experience the Carlinkit ‘works’ with the cayman with limitations. I am hoping the new firmware will resolve some issues but trying to find the dealer is hard
I should add.... I am pretty happy with what I got and I am thinking a out ordering the v2.0 in hopes that it is even better. However it is (for me right now) nearly impossible to get in touch with the seller and this point is currently stopping me from ordering v2.0
1 - 4 of 74 Posts
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