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Wireless CarPlay dongle?

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My Boxster already has the CarPlay option installed. As you may already know, it is a wired system. The phone must be plugged into the USB port for CarPlay to work.
Lately I’ve seen some wireless CarPlay dongles that plug into the USB port and supposedly bring wireless CarPlay support. I guess the phone connects to the dongle through Bluetooth or WiFi and the car must see it as a wired connection.
Everything I read though talks about installing some firmware on the head unit to activate CarPlay but I think this may be if you don’t already have CarPlay installed.

Has anyone tried one of these dongles just to make an existing CarPlay system wireless?
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I'd certainly like to find a solution for this. According to the linked article, our head units have the required hardware - BT and wifi. Not sure those dongles will work for us. Link
New iOS 13 and CarPlay enhancements. I like some of the new features.

It seems there are a number of members who use Android phones that would like the features CarPlay offers. Well there is a dongle that will enable that for them. Lots of info at CarPlay Life.

Edit: I realized the dongle is for making Android head units compatible with iOS.
I'll post here regarding my new found tolerance of the tethered iPhone rather than in my thread which got buried. :) First, I purchased a 12" coiled lightening cable. Much easier to leave the USB end connected in the phone compartment, then pull the cable out far enough to connect my unlocked phone than using the short 6" cable I had been using. Second, if the phone is left connected in the car and I make a short stop to pick something up, when restarting the car, the phone automatically connects as a CarPlay device. I still have to choose iPad vs iPhone, but there's no need to again unlock the phone. Having the ability to pull the phone out from the armrest without disconnecting it, is a real improvement for me. The wireless dongle will get a consideration if it works :)

Lightening Cable
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I have been using CarPlay2Air and have been very satisfied how it works. Picks up my phone when I am in proximity of the car with no issues. I use Apple Music, Pandora, Waze, Google Maps and music stored on my phone. Siri will play anything I request from any of the sources by pressing the stalk button. It will also obtain Nav directions by doing the same. Phone is either in my pocket or in the door pocket with my wallet. Grab both when I leave the car.
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