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Worx Hydroshot & Evil Brake Dust Cleaning

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My Boxster has both the paint protection film and ceramic coating. With respect to the painted surfaces, after a year of experience, I am very satisfied. It really does almost wash itself clean by driving in a heavy rain. However, even though the wheels are supposed to be ceramic coated, it is a time consuming pain in the ass to clean the heavy accumulation of tenacious brake dust. A direct spray from the hose does nothing consequential. Although the brake dust does wipe off relatively easily, every square nanometer of surface, nook, and cranny must be wiped. I use a variety of brushes but cleaning the four wheels consumes much more time and effort than washing the rest of the car so I am looking for a better solution. I also wonder about the effects of the spray of brake dust on me as I use the brushes to aggressively get into all the nooks etc.

Worx markets two battery powered pressure cleaners. These devices look like they have the potential of making wheel cleaning very easy and quick. This is assuming a 320 psi or 450 psi (depending on model) will wash away the brake dust. If it does eliminate the need to manually wipe/brush the wheels I will buy one immediately. However, I would first like to know if anyone else has used one and how effective it is blasting off the brake dust. There are two models, a 40V and 20V with rated pressures of 450 psi and 320 psi, respectively. Are these pressures sufficient to remove the unsightly brake dust?
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The issue with spraying the wheels with a hose or pressure waster is you will exacerbate the brake dust issue. It's not brake dust that will end up on the wheels after this. It's oxidation from the rotors. The way in which I mitigate that scenario is by immediately spraying the rotors with honing solution that I use on my hand tools - chisels, plane irons, etc. HoneRite. I spray each rotor immediately after washing that wheel. Works like a charm.
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I did not know that. I think, just from my anecdotal observations, the deposits on the wheels must also consist of debris directly from the pads themselves. My logic stems from 2005 or so when I replaced the factory pads on a 2002 BMW Z3 with Akebono ceramic pads and almost completely eliminated a severe problem with brake dust quickly accumulating on the alloy wheels. At the same time I also replaced the factory rotors with Brembo rotors so maybe the Brembo rotor alloy was less subject to oxidation. Nevertheless, I had assumed it was the ceramic pads that made the big difference.
Oh there's certainly dust from the pads, but after washing and getting the rotors wet, what you'll see is the oxidation occur within minutes. Once you get rolling, that oxidation ends up on the wheels. The HoneRite I mentioned does mitigate that to a great extent.

Oxidation also happens after a driving session. As the hot rotors cool, and depending upon the ambient temps, oxidation will also form on the rotors. It's the nature of the material. I guess that's why some go for the steep cost of ceramic rotors even though they're not racing. And as you suggested, some pads dust less than others, but then they have a possibility of squealing a bit.

Interesting about the Bembro rotors. May have to give them some serious consideration if they have a fitment for the 718. I have Hawk pads on my 350Z and they do squeal some when cold. It usually happens when pulling out of the driveway after the car has been parked for a period of time, but they quiet after warming up.
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How exactly do you apply this stuff? Mix it in a spray bottle? What ratio? Just looking for some more exact usage info. Also, is overspray visible on wheels or anything?
Yes and yes lol The mixing directions are right on the Amazon link - add 40ml to 1 liter of water. The bottle will make a little over 6 liters of solution. You want to flood the rotor with the spray especially since they will already be wet from washing the car and wheels. If you get spray on the wheels, just wipe it dry.
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