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Would anyone be interested in this TURBO build?

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Would anyone be interested in seeing how far Fabspeed can push a 2017+ 718 Turbo? Doesn't seem like a lot of action out there in pursuit of making these turbo cars into complete monsters. I mean...what are the limits of the stock components? Let's strap a BIG Turbo on......some meth..larger intercooler...a wicked tune...one Recaro...and see what happens. Maybe it will be a GREAT SUCCESS!

718 Turbo Go Fast Stuff

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I've got a Softronic flash on my Cayman GTS. It's supposedly 435HP with no extra geegaws to add and put up with. It certainly has more power and it's a lot of fun. Still civil when I want it to be. I'm happy with it. I did the install myself in my garage with my laptop during a quarantine/Covid scare. It doesn't have a selector box or anything. You just get more when you want it.

I got a GTS because of the front radiator. I think the extra cooling is a good thing for even occasional track use. Always leery about mid-engines and track days.

Scott is a peach! He does software on Porsche prototype race cars and the like for AG. He has really good access to Porsche's codes and his stuff is very nice. I had one on my Gen 1 and liked it, so I called again when I got this 718.

I like the features of the APR but you have to go to their shops to have it installed. I'm not crazy about that...and I was in the mood for a project...going a little stir-crazy around the house.

I think a good "next step" might be a Soul down-pipe, but I don't imagine I'm ever going to take it.

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