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Would anyone be interested in this TURBO build?

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Would anyone be interested in seeing how far Fabspeed can push a 2017+ 718 Turbo? Doesn't seem like a lot of action out there in pursuit of making these turbo cars into complete monsters. I mean...what are the limits of the stock components? Let's strap a BIG Turbo on......some meth..larger intercooler...a wicked tune...one Recaro...and see what happens. Maybe it will be a GREAT SUCCESS!

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Is t there a limit on what the manual transmission can handle? I was under the impression that it was the reason the manual 718 s/GTS weee limited to 309 lbft of torque while the PDK one got more or could handle more. Obviously I don’t have an official ref for this. Interested in hearing ppls thoughts.
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Do we know what other higher horsepower cars Porsche has used this exact manual gear box? Could extrapolate on the limit of the gear box a bit from that. This has also been a limiting factor in me considering a tune for my car.
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