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Would anyone be interested in this TURBO build?

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Would anyone be interested in seeing how far Fabspeed can push a 2017+ 718 Turbo? Doesn't seem like a lot of action out there in pursuit of making these turbo cars into complete monsters. I mean...what are the limits of the stock components? Let's strap a BIG Turbo on......some meth..larger intercooler...a wicked tune...one Recaro...and see what happens. Maybe it will be a GREAT SUCCESS!

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From the APR folks it sounds like the fuel system is currently the limiting factor. Not sure if its the injectors or HPFP or both. I'm sure an E85 tune would be nice power pump without having to run race gas if you could get the fuel volume.
I like that idea....
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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