WTB 18” Boxster 5 spoke wheels for 718
For sale or trade: 20” Carrera S wheels Pirelli P Zero summer tires
For sale: colored center caps

I bought a new Cayman in August 2021 which came with 20” Carrera S wheels in silver (Platinum?).

I ordered a set of winter tires on the 18” 5 spoke Boxster wheels, which I ran from mid November- mid May.

I prefer the look of the 18” Boxster 5 spoke wheels and want to acquire another set of them for summer.

(Once I get the Boxster wheels I will sell the Carrera S wheels. I also have a set of colored center caps I will sell.

On the off chance someone in the region has the Boxster wheels with low mileage summer tires who would like to trade that may be ideal. But if you have a set of 18” Boxster wheels for the 982 718 to sell, please provide details. I am located in the Kansas City area. (No 981 versions please, as those have a different offset)

I will be asking $4000 for the Carrera S wheels. I have about 5500 miles on the car and estimate about 2500 miles are on the Carrera S tires with occasional spirited driving, no track use. The cost for a new set of Carrera S wheels and tires is $5200 at Suncoast. The cost difference between the 18” Boxster and the 20” Carrera S wheels on the Porsche configurator is about $2100. New sets of Boxster 18” wheels with winter tires are available at getporscheparts.com for $2400 and that is my other option if I don’t find some otherwise.)