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If you were able to get use of a 718 for 3 years for a fixed price of $800 per month (and then had to turn it in) and could have any model, PTS color and any option with no impact on your cost, which model would you choose and how would you configure it? This really is asking what options did you not get because of initial cost or resell. Consider new availability of LWBS in your decision. Also assume options (i.e. PCCB) don't impact your maintenance cost.

My current order is Cayman GTS in GT Silver with black Alcantara18 way seat with full leather including steering and gear shift in leather. I got Premium plus, LCA, Black satin rear "PORSHE", badge delete, PDK, SPASM, Std black satin Carrera S wheels, Nav and Burmester.

In the "money is no object" configuration I would add / change to my current CGTS
Carmine red exterior (toss up for me with GT silver but would look great with GTS interior)
High gloss black for my Carrera S wheels
GTS interior package
Vehicle key painted
Window trim high gloss black
Sport design in high gloss black (this one tough as I don't like how it changes rear)
Rear side intake painted
Rear Wing in gloss black
Fuel cap aluminun look
Power folding mirrors
Steering column casing in leather
Sun visor in Alcantara
Center storage in Alcantara with Porsche crest
Heated multifunction wheel
Carbon fiber pdk gear selector
Illuminated carbon fiber door sill guards
Smart phone compartment
Apple car play
PEC Atlanta

Total cost $118,800. It was tough to choose Alcantara over two tone leather with a bunch of deviated stich where you could easily go over $125k (not that it mattered for this exercise).

Passing on LWBS as my car will be non winter DD
Passing on PCCB since I probably won't track and just don't like the yellow calipers
ACC (don't like sensors and would not use this feature)

Sorry if this post is senseless. Lot of time on my hands with cold weather and no golf and constantly reviewing my configuration before I hit freeze point.

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An $800/mo lease equates to $28,800 USD over the 3 years. Which is pretty much what a base Cayman/Boxster could run. So, if I had my hypothetical choice, what would I choose? I might just wait until the GT4 and use one for 36 months. If more colors aren't available by then, I'd probably go for a Carmine Red one. Then I'd option it out. I'd also delete the Alcantara. I hate that stuff.

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This is a fun but also slightly depressing game (depressing in the sense you quantify all the options you didn't get), but I'll play.
Mine would be based on the 718 Boxster I already have on order:

718 Boxster 982320
Guards Red G1
Convertible Top Black 4V
Leather interior package in Black AZ
Deletion of model designation 498
Fuel filler cap in aluminium look | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XYB
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) 250
64-litre fuel tank 085
18-inch Boxster wheels 395
Wheel centres 446
Bi-Xenon main headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) 603
Light design package 630
Windscreen with grey top-tint 567
Automatically dimming mirrors with integrated rain sensor P13
Cruise control 454
ParkAssist (front and rear) 636
Porsche Entry & Drive 625
HomeLink® (programmable garage door opener) 608
Alarm system with interior surveillance 534
Sports seats Plus (two-way, electric) P04
Two-zone automatic climate control 573
Seat heating 342
Seat ventilation 541
Smoking package 583
Floor mats 810
Storage net in passenger footwell 581
Seat belts coloured in Guards Red | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XSX
Porsche Crest embossed on headrests | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XSC
Smartphone compartment 9ZE
Digital radio QV3
Apple® CarPlay incl. Siri® voice control 9WT

And I would have the following additions:

Sport Chrono Package including mode switch QR5
19-inch Boxster S wheels 397
Electrically folding exterior mirrors including courtesy lighting 748
Speed limit indicator 631
Adaptive Sports seats Plus (18-way, electric) with memory package P07
Vehicle key painted with key pouch in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur DFS
Dashboard trim package in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur CZW
Door trim package in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur CXM
Sun visors in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XMP
Steering column casing in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XNS
Seat belt buckles in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur CDT
Fuse box cover in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur CUJ
Inner door sill guards in leather | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XTG
Door sill guards in stainless steel illuminated | Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur XXB
Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System 9VJ
Navigation incl. Porsche Connect P40

Not really that bad, all nice to have options in my opinion, but none that I couldn't live without.
I might even think of upgrading to a Boxster S, but I would surely not need the added power for anything but bragging rights, and by upgrading to the S I would have to look at the grey rev counter, which I don't like.
But seeing as we are already in dreamland (money no object) I guess it would be possible to option a black rev counter as you could for the 991.2.

I don't even care to go into costs of my dream build as the build I actually have on order will cost me around 180,500 USD due to the extremely high car tax in Denmark
This is also the reason I omitted some of the more common options like Sport Chrono and upgraded wheels, every last dollar you spend on an expensive car in Denmark will see 25% VAT and 150% car tax, so I had to stop at some point with the options.
I did however get the options I really wanted, so I am sure I will be happy with my car, and being sensible with the options on my 718 means there will be more money for a 992 sometime in the future :D

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I think I already got the near-perfect sports car for my desires, which are pretty basic, I admit. Done over, I'd probably opt for the smoking package to get another power port near the smartphone compartment. But then again, I'd be tempted to plug my car's dedicated iPhone into the power port to keep the phone charged when not in use and that negates the main reason I got the dedicated phone in the first place (which is, it is awkward for chubby old guys to hook the phone up properly). Maybe the carbon fiber interior trim and stick shifter knob.

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2019 Cayman GTS
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Sorry for the confusion. The monthly cost was not key point. Just an exercise to identify your dream config without cost (or future resale) being a consideration. Really interesting some sticking with base model saying power not needed (which I totally agree) but cannot imagine passing it up unless it came with more weight or less desirable power delivery. And yeah I figured GT4 would be easy choice for many but my game was based on currently available 718.

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2019 Cayman GTS
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Also not trying to make those with lighter configs feel bad. I admire your restraint and think my config is not smart financially but I did show some self control if you compare my order with my no limit in price config.

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I also go with Base. My 2014 Cayman, 2016 Cayman and 2019 Cayman are all Base. I started with an 08 CS and then moved to a Cayman R. Interestingly, for the street, I found that the 08 CS at 295 hp had excellent overall performance. I did not feel that much 'better' having an additional 35 hp and associated torque. That is why starting with the 2014, I went with Base. The 718 Base torque is actually 7Lbs/Ft morethan the 981 S. And,it comes in at roughly 2500 RPM lower than the 981S. So, more torque, available sooner than the outgoing S. So, for me, it just keeps getting better without me spending anymore for power. I use the funds to tailor the configuration to exactly what I prefer. I mentioned earlier that I spent about $18K in options. This is my configuration.

o Base
o Model Delete
o Night Blue Metallic
o Agate Grey standard interior
o 19" Boxster S Wheels
o Color Center Caps
o 14 Way Seats
o Premium
o Chrono Sport
o Sport Pedals
o GT Steering Wheel
o Passenger Side Net
o Apple Car Play
o Light Package (vanity et al)
o Polished Aluminum Window Trim
o Twin Polished Tips
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